Our Story

Betterway products has been an innovator of manufacturing fiberglass light-weight solid surface materials for more than 20 years.

During that time we have grown both in manufacturing size, capabilities and stature within our industry.

We attribute our growth to our can-do attitude and the way that we treat our customers…in a world where it is every dog for themselves, we choose to run our business by the Golden Rule.

Today we enjoy a reputation of high quality, on-time delivery for all of our customers whether we are manufacturing one piece small parts or we are manufacturing and then assembling complete OEM assemblies. Known as the “go-to” company for problem issues, we are innovators that not only think out side the box – we find that we spend most of our time there as well. Whether it is building molds as large as 40 feet long, or incorporating our 7 axis CAD robots in a project, we can insure our customers that we are capable and ready to tackle any job.