Benefits of Fiberglass

Fiberglass is revolutionary in many aspects:

Long lasting, water proof, corrosion resistant and non-conductive to start with. It is an amazing product that can be molded into practically anything, giving design engineers unlimited possibilities in the ability to make long and sweeping contours, allowing for much more design freedom than metal or wood based structures can.

Because of  these characteristics, fiberglass should be considered whenever there is a significant amount of fabrication to aluminum or stainless steel as often times a better part can be made at a Lower or very competitive price with each molded part being consistently well within manufacturing tolerances.

 Pound for pound fiberglass is stronger than sheet metal but it will not rust – perfect for outside use or in locations near water, especially salt water. Fiberglass is also resistive to corrosive chemicals, and, when made with special fire-retardant resins, in the event of fire, your products only char and do not burn up.

Cost Effectiveness With steel being dependant on China’s steel prices, you will have stable prices with fiberglass. Lower costs for maintenance and warranty work.  A lighter and stronger product results in lower costs for shipping and storage.

Special Characteristics:Fiberglass is non-conductive and radio frequency transparent.  Perfect for housing electronics without disturbing their performance and protect employees from hazards inside.  Fiberglass absorbs sound waves more than bounces off, thus giving it extremely good acoustics, for lowering machinery volumes and achieving acceptable and/or required sound levels. Unlike metal, plastic, and wood; fiberglass has the least expansion and contraction with heat, cold and/or stress.

Whether your project calls for a part just several inches long, or up to 40 feet long, chances are we can help your bottom line with savings on prototyping, tooling costs, production costs, and finishing.